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National Association of Prospective Student Advisers


Despite Victoria being Australia's second smallest state, there is still a vast area to cover for the Victorian band of prospective student advisers, that includes nine universities, 13 TAFEs and a number of independent tertiary colleges

Under the banner of the Tertiary Information Service, representatives from each of Victoria's universities, TAFEs and several independent colleges travel across the state providing information sessions for Year 12 students working to finalise their post-secondary study options.

Representatives cover hundreds of kilometres each year and speak to around 75 per cent of Victoria's Year 12 students to deliver information on the application process for tertiary courses and the range of study opportunities available.

In just 45 days the group hosts approximately 120 information sessions across Victoria and Tasmania. Sessions begin in Victoria's Western District in April and end in North West Metropolitan Melbourne in August.

The TIS presentation is a work in progress and is written in consultation with careers teachers so it is constantly evolving to meet client needs.

The program is provided FREE to schools so all students can make well-informed choices about their futures.

In addition to TIS, most institutes also attend school expos and major expos throughout the year. At the end of the recruitment season, Victorian prospective student advisers have often seen each other more than their own colleagues, with many good friendships forming over the period.

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